Novabell – Cersaie 2023

Novabell – Cersaie 2023


The 40th edition of Cersaie has ended full of satisfactions.

Satisfaction born from the great work done by all of us and above all from your numerous presences.

This year we renewed the booth, proposing on the one hand an impactful and highly technical exhibition space in which the visitor could discover the extensive range of new collections, and on the other we

Presented the novabell living spaces in which the product was contextualized and narrated through simple but at the same time refined settings.

The clay effects, the new concrete looks and the scenographic decorations, reflect a unique and original synergy that keep up with new trends.

This place was the setting for new collections including:


The design project began from the origins: clay mixed and shaped with water, compressed and left to dry in wooden moulds. The novabell research laboratories retraced this ancient technique from original pieces, and used it to form new surfaces with a timeless beauty. With the oversize brand, NovaBell introduces a new ceramic covering size: large slabs of 120×278 cm in 6 mm thickness.


The Wonderspace collection brings fresh appeal to the world of wall decoration. The botanical and tropical jungle decorative motifs provide an unprecedented, totally immersive experience thanks to the new “deep tech” digital technology, which gives the ceramic material a subtly three-dimensional character.


Keystone originates from in-depth research into the most precious naturally occurring stones and sedimentary rocks; it reflects a hybrid aesthetic that merges the contrasts of dolomitic clasts with the tasteful patterns typical of some marbles.

Le Briccole

A great wood-look collection steeped in a sense of warm, welcoming, natural authenticity. The collection introduces the new ceramic plank of 30×240 cm that gives full expression to the complex texture of this warm, tactile wood look, which evokes the erosive action of time.

Because we work together for a common goal: to meet your needs.

We look forward to seeing you next year!