20x20 Integrated Surfaces

The Integrated Surfaces project features ceramic materials and decorations in a 20×20 cm size designed to reflect the latest trends in interior design. The 20×20 size enhances modern interiors with the timeless class of a product that is immune to the whims of fashion.

20x20 Integrated Surfaces

Un formato, diverse ispirazioni in gres porcellanato.

Decorative modules that recall the retro taste of the late 1800s, resin-effect tactile surfaces and porcelain stoneware with a homely wood look: each 20×20 module tells a tale of tradition and innovation, a collection of surfaces for residential settings as well as all public spaces.

Creative Mix&Match

Infinite possibilità compositive.

The Integrated Surfaces system follows the modern Mix&Match logic. The extensive range of 20×20 modules is designed to combine with other sizes and with multiple tactile effects, in a product universe that exponentially multiplies installation options and combination possibilities, shaping and personalising spaces in a unique way.

Stylish and decorative surface

Déco 20x20: stylish 8 decorative surface.

Déco reinvents the timeless beauty of cement tiles from the late 1800s. NovaBell designed 72 different patterns that respect the naturalness and authenticity of classic decorative panels, and Déco boasts a further five monothematic personalisations that enhance and increase composition choices.